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Defensive Edge Martial Arts Academy - Join the Revolution!

karate for kids Founded in 1999, Defensive Edge Martial Arts in Wakefield has grown to be one of the largest and most successful Martial Arts facilities in Massachusetts. Defensive Edge is a modern, multifaceted martial arts training center that is home to World Class Instructors that are true Masters of their craft.  We are a family friendly school that teaches modern, cutting edge techniques but also values the character development of our students both young and old.  Self-discipline, respect, patience, integrity and courtesy are encouraged while training modern techniques that strengthen both mind and body.

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Defensive Edge offers separate Kids Classes and Adult Classes in multiple arts, so our students become well-rounded Martial Artist including:

Arts to Master Striking

Arts to Master Grappling

brazlian jiu-jitsu

Art the Combines Striking & Grappling for Sport

RMA (Reality Martial Arts) combines Striking, Grappling, Weapons, etc.

Strength & Conditioning

FightFIT (24) FightFIT These classes can be learned individually, or as a package for a faster path to becoming a complete warrior. Don't put it off another day!  Call Us Today 781-245-0250