Defensive Edge Martial Arts


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Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

sensei-rick-alfordAre you looking to get in the best shape of your life while learning the most effective self defense skills?  Are you a parent looking for martial arts classes that build character and self protection skills in a safe, supportive environment?  Defensive Edge is here for you!  Call Us at 781-245-0250 to schedule a FREE Introductory Lesson!

Discover The Defensive Edge Difference!

Defensive Edge is a unique martial arts school that combines a modern, practical, curriculum with centuries old martial arts values to strengthen both mind and body. We offer the most comprehensive approach to teaching the martial arts. Our primary goal is to safely prepare each student for any encounter in the most realistic way possible.  This method teaches practical skills that can be used throughout life.
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Flexible Classes For Your Busy Schedule 

We a have diverse schedule including classes in the daytime, afternoon and evening to offer even the busiest people an opportunity to train with us.

In Our Martial Arts Classes, Students Learn: wai kru muay thai

  • Natural responses to many types of confrontation both physical and emotional.
  • To control emotions such as fear and anger in a positive manner to allow for better choices in life.
  • Skills in offensive as well as defensive role-playing to simulate potential encounters and are prepared to react ethically and decisively.

Training at Defensive Edge could be the best choice you make for you and your family! Call us today to schedule a free trial lesson!  781-245-0250

kids karate classesOur Programs Teach Respect!. Self-discipline, humility, assertiveness, and character development are always emphasized in our fun, family friendly classes.  All of our martial arts classes are excellent for gaining overall health and physical fitness. This Is More Than A Fitness Class!   Within a short time, our students gain the benefits of improved strength, fitness, weight management, and coordination.  Feel the stress melt away in a fun class that will teach you skills that could save your life! There is nothing quite like our professional martial arts instructors leading you through a high-energy workout designed for functional fitness. Our classes are designed to not only help you dominate in competition but also bring out the best in you mentally and physically! Our Classes Are Fun!  We learned a long time ago that if people are having fun, they learn much faster.  Our mission is to help our students grow personally, professionally, and physically, though our World-Class Martial Arts classes for Kids and Adults.

Don't put if off another day!  Call us to schedule your FREE TRIAL CLASS!  781-245-0250

kids karate We Were All Beginners Once!  There are no huge egos here!  Every instructor and student  is always eager to help new members become more comfortable in class.  You won’t find a martial arts school or karate school that cares more for their students than Defensive Edge. We Are Here For You!  Since 1999, our caring instructors have helped Adults and Kids from all over Massachusetts' North Shore reach their fullest potential.  Many of our students come from Wakefield, Stoneham, Reading, Lynnfield, Saugus, Peabody, and Melrose.  From our fitness programs to our martial arts programs, our instructors are dedicated to helping you and/or your family achieve your individual goals.  If you need any help getting started, don't hesitate to call or email us.  We are always glad to help!